I can't believe how quickly my MAIP summer flew by.
Approaching the last week of my internship, I was shocked that it was basically over. Countless MAIP labs, 2 summer projects, and 1 internship down, I felt ready for what was next.
I've been in school my whole life as I'm sure some of my fellow MAIPers can say too. But facing the reality that there was no school year waiting for me, no campus to go back to, no more homework – that was strange. It's funny because after my undergrad, I never wanted to keep going to school. I felt so done with it, and I was again, ready for what was next. But now, it's officially over and I knew that what I felt back then wasn't true readiness at all. It was a wish to settle into something I wasn't proud to do.
I'm grateful now to have experienced something I truly enjoyed doing. I get to concept and do something creative every day. Something I'd always dreamed of doing, but never expected to be a reality.
I'm grateful for my time at McCann, and that it has turned into a full time position doing something I love, with people that I feel extremely supported by.
With the teachings of MAIP, the experiences of this summer, and a truly supportive team, I know that this time, I mean it when I say I'm ready for what's next. 
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